Language Arts

I took to the reading. Well, after the monk taught me about paper there was no looking back. I read everything I get my hands on up to this day, from the labels on cans to the scratches of birds and monkeys. Don’t you worry, they’ve got their plans too. I read and reread the newspapers that made their way to Pulau Bidong. I chewed up the monk’s book with the verses of the Buddha. My palms sweated the ink off the prophet’s teachings. What we all long for Dionne Brand p 197 Kindle.

Medical Artsblackdog

Thursday afternoons at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre, we hang out in the ‘waiting room’ while visitors wait to see the doctor or nurse practitioner at the walk in clinic. We do clay projects related to a variety of health concerns.
Pet Therapy – cutouts of Dachshund buttons. Many people find spending time with their pets helps to relieve stress and tension. Walking pets is a great way to get exercise. Awareness of mental health issues is highlighted through a great dog character named “black dog”. For more information checkout this video:

Garden Arts

Meeting at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre during Community Days in the summer, we tended a community garden at the corner of Albert West and Gore Street in Sault Ste. Marie.  We set up a tent, and we invited people to stop by and make garden arts in clay: plant pokes, ollas, garden tiles, waterspouts, gargoyles, frogs, bugs and other creatures real and imagined. We are aware of the importance to our health and well being of ‘real’ food.  We encourage people to become involved in food and garden activism and awareness in their home communities.